Acurite 01075RM and 01085RM Review

It looks like these models are no longer available….

The nearest replacements from Acurite are this one for the color display and this model for the dark theme display.

The two sensors will have to be purchased separately and you can find them here.

Acurite has replaced the SmartHub with an improved version called the Access. You can read more about the new Access here.

Otherwise, there are no differences.


10 Sensors in 1 Weather App! An Acurite Home Weather Station [My Review]

Acurite 01075RM 5 in 1 Weather Station Review

Acurite 01075RM 5 in 1 Weather Station

This is Acurite’s most complete and full featured professional weather station. Acurite put most of their featured devices in one package. This is Acurite’s best weather station for home use.

The Acurite 01085RM and the model 01075RM are essentially the same but for the color display; the 01085RM has bright colored readings on a black background (Dark Theme) and the 01075RM has black readout numbers on a colored background (Color Display). Take your pick. Some people say the numbers on the black background used on the 01085RM are easier to read, especially at an angle.

Acurite 01085RM 5 in 1 Weather Station Review

Acurite 01085RM 5 in 1 Weather Station

5 in 1 pro+ weather sensor

This is an improved precision instrument used to measure  temperature, humidity, rain, wind speed, and wind direction. To improve the temperature accuracy an additional solar panel was designed in to help run the internal fan longer and more often. All outdoor thermometers have a problem with the Sun heating them up. The solution is a solar powered fan.

The later models have two solar panels for improved fan cooling function. That definitely seems to have helped.

An internal wireless transmitter sends this weather information up to 330 feet away.

 Weather data detected and sent from the 5-in1:

  1. Temperature—  every 36 seconds  -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Wind speed— every 18 seconds  0 to 99 mph
  3. Wind direction— every 36 seconds
  4. Humidity— every 36 seconds  1 to 99% Relative Humidity
  5. Rainfall—  Measures 0.01 inches and up (self emptying)

This data is received and then displayed by the…

…Illuminated 01085rm dark theme display or 01075rm color display

You not only see the weather data from the 5-in1, but also indoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, Weather Ticker, clock, calendar and a 12 to 24 hour weather forecast.

This display features a choice of three manually adjusted brightness levels, or you can use the auto-dim feature that automatically adjusts illumination for time of day and year.

The display is powered by a wall plug power adapter or 6 AA batteries.

A very interesting feature is Acurite’s patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting algorithm. They automatically determine your altitude by comparing your barometric pressure with the world average pressure. Your pressure is compared every 12 minutes for over a month.

Acurite 01075RM 5 in 1 Weather Station

Weather Station Specifications —Acurite 01075 and 01085:



Acurite 01075RM / 01085RM
Range Units Accuracy Update
Outdoor Temperature -40° to 158°F +/-2°F 36 Seconds
Indoor Temperature 32° to 122° F
+/-2°F 1 Minute
Outdoor Humidity 1 to 99% RH 1% +/-5% 36 Seconds
Indoor Humidity 1 to 99% RH 1% +/-5% 1 Minute
Barometric Pressure Automatic self calibrating barometer, averaged to sea level- 29.92″
Wind Speed 0 to 99 MPH 1mph +/-5MPH 18 Seconds
Wind Direction 0- 360° 16 Point
Wind Rose
to 22.5° 36 Seconds
Rainfall 0.01 Inches and Up 0.01 +/-.05″ per inch 36 Seconds
Remote Sensor RH%
and Temperature
0 to 99% RH
-40 to 158°F
16 Seconds
Outdoor 5 in 1
        4AA lithium batteries
Display Power        4.5v Power adapter or 6 AA Batteries
Remote Sensor
      2 AA Batteries Up to 330 feet range
Smarthub       5v power adapter. Uses Ethernet cable to router
     330 feet Maximum range for all transmitters
Frequency      433MHZ Three channels available to avoid interference


The display itself features a Weather Ticker…

What’s a Weather Ticker?

Along the bottom of the display a streaming text message presents real-time information including indoor comfort and “feels like” temperature along with high/ low records and more.

Is this a weather station for you?

2 more weather sensors

These weather station models also include 2  additional wireless indoor or outdoor temperature/ humidity sensors. These sensors can be placed in any place that needs special monitoring like a laundry room where a water leak could be detected quickly, to maybe monitoring the temperature in a child’s room…

This data is also transmitted wirelessly every 16 seconds and  up to 330 feet to your house and is received by the…


The smartHub not only receives all of the weather data from the 5-in-1, but also from the additional sensors. Up to 10 sensors can be used. The 5 in 1 plus the included sensors brings the total to 7, so 3 more can be added. A cable on the smartHub connects to an unused port on a wireless router to provide access to the internet.

All of the smartHub data is sent to a cloud based database accessed through after you start an account. Another way is to download the weather app…


Free Myacurite App

Get all of the weather data remotely. See the current sensor reports on any mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Through Myacurite the weather station information can also be sent to the Weather Underground system.


Customer impressions

“I found this station to be very good product that has been well thought out and of good build quality at this price point. The SmartHub is an excellent component to have to really take the weather station to the next level and provide anytime web access via the PC or smartphone. Glad I found this after much scouring the internet and youtube to decide on the “best bang for buck” and I reckon this has met all my minimum criteria and wish list.

My only criticism of the product is the documentation lacks in the display unit setup and while every step has been made as simple as possible and intuitive by design the display unit documentation is really just a specifications sheet or product description. What is missing is more of a user manual context – For example I have the version with 2 external sensors and nowhere does it explain how I can view the second Temp and Humidity sensor on the display unit. I cant find anything about this at the Acurite site, in FAQ’s or elsewhere. I can look at the second sensor via a PC and smartphone but not on the display. I’m sure you can do it but I cant see it.

Anyway excellent product, well priced, easy to setup and just works as it should and excellent mid tiered but well featured home weather station offering everything most of us want without paying high priced,top end products at 3 or more times the price.

Well done Acurite”

(NOTE: The display does NOT pick up the data from the extra sensors. Only the smartHub does that)

“This is the total package. The outdoor 5in1 sensor works perfectly and it shows up on the colorful indoor unit. The Weather Ticker gives you great information and lights up to help you read it better. The Internet Bridge is very useful because it sends the weather readings to my phone so I can check out the weather at home while I am away. I could not be happier with this product- it is perfect for me. I would recommend this to my friends for sure.”

(NOTE: the internet bridge and the smartHub are the same thing)

“This system worked as soon as I set it up. Easy. There were several questions as to details because, for some reason, all of the documentation was not shipped with the items. Their customer service people were very helpful getting things resolved. They were quite busy due to holiday sales so it took a long time to get through to them. This should not be as problematic after the holidays.
I am quite please with the system and all of the extra features.”

If you need a home weather station that measures more than just the weather, the Accurite 01075 or 01085 might fill the bill


  • A very easy to setup full featured personal weather station from a top company.
  • Second to none in regards to expandability with the addition of more sensors.
  • Being able to monitor weather conditions remotely is comforting, especially if you have installations not only at home, but a vacation house.


  • Some people have problems with the 5-in-1 losing connection with the display and smartHub.

     (Tip: keep the display and smartHub as close to the outside sensor as possible. And also try to separate the smartHub and the router from each other as far as the wire reaches)

  • The batteries don’t always last 2 years as claimed and they are difficult to change if the 5-in-1 is mounted up high.

(Tip: Use lithium batteries and then install the 30 foot battery extension accessory to bring the batteries within reach.)



In my opinion this is a well built home weather station rivaling for the top spot.

So far no other device in the home weather station class gets close when it comes to monitoring so many aspects of your home environment. Maybe that’s why they call it a “Weather Environment System”

So, if you have areas in or around your house that need special monitoring, this very well might be what you are looking for.