Davis Vantage Pro2 Review – Still #1 Home Weather Station

Davis Instruments 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Review
Davis Instruments 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2

The Vantage Pro2 is the first weather station in Davis’ advanced line of weather measuring instruments. This is the weather station class that gives Davis it’s great reputation. If you are researching weather stations to buy, do yourself a favor and at least look at this Davis Vantage Pro2 review and maybe the more affordable Vantage Vue weather station.

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  • Made in the USA
  • You get the highest quality weather data.
  • Wind data is acquired every 2.5 seconds allowing wind gusts to be recorded.
  • The Vantage line is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • 1000 foot transmission range (line of sight) …Can be extended.
  • The Wind sensor can be separated from the ISS for a more ideal placement.
  • Solar power stored for nighttime operation in a supercapacitor with a battery backup.
  • Widely regarded as one of the best weather stations for home and business.
  • Expandable with additional sensors, displays, and an extensive agricultural monitoring system.

It is major benefit being able to separate the anemometer by up to 40′ from the rest of the integrated sensor suite (ISS). The wind speed and direction accuracy is much better when the anemometer is elevated above nearby obstructions. If that means placing the unit on your roof, that’s fine. However, installing the thermometer over a hot roof is definitely not recommended.

The 40 feet of cable separating the anemometer from the rest of the system allows you to place each part in a suitable place. You don’t need to use all 40′, just coil up the excess wire at the bottom and tie it up out of the way somewhere.

Another great feature is the 1000′ operating range and obstruction penetrating capability of the ISS transmitter. This provides much more choices in regards to weather station placement.

If you have a large property you can place the ISS out 1000′ providing it is in the line of sight of the console. This means no obstructions at all. If the best placement requires the signal to travel through the walls of your house, while the range will be greatly reduced, you can still do it. Another thing to keep in mind is that the console can also retransmit the signal to another console. The range is also 1000′. You can daisy chain consoles together for almost 2 miles!

One of the ways that Davis gets so much longer transmission range is through the use of the ‘Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum’ protocol. By transmitting using FHSS the signal received by the console is very clean with no static or interference from other sources.

And still, yet another highly desired feature is the rapidly updated weather information sent by the ISS. Nothing ticks off a dedicated weather watcher so much as seeing major wind gusts occur and nothing reported on the console. The 2.5-second wind update is highly prized.

You can go here for additional info.

Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite

This is the weather data sent from the sensor suite to the display console:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Rainfall
  • …And more with the optional sensors installed

Vantage Pro2 Console

This is what is displayed on the console:

  1. Current and historical weather data – at intervals from a minute and up through a year.
  2. Weather forecast – 12-hour forecast icons with 24-48 hour forecast shown on the ticker.
  3. Sunrise & Sunset – Accurate to 1 minute through the United States Naval Observatory.
  4. Moon phase – Through 8 phases and accurate to ±38 minutes.
  5. Time & Date – You set it yourself; I use NTP on my computer for a reference.
  6. Barometric pressure – Range is 16.00″ to 32.50″ Hg in 0.01″ Hg increments, ±0.03″ Hg.
  7. Outdoor Temperature – The range is 40° to +150°F with updates every 10-12 seconds.
  8. Outdoor Relative Humidity – Range 1 to 100% RH, ±2%  1 minute updates.
  9. Indoor Temperature – Has a range of 32° to +140°F with updates every minute.
  10. Indoor Relative Humidity – Range 1 to 100% RH, ±3%  1 minute updates.
  11. Wind Speed – Range 0 to 200 mph, ±1 mph. Updates every 2.5 to 3 seconds.
  12. Wind Direction – Range 0 – 360°, ±3°. Updates every 2.5 to 3 seconds. 
  13. Wind Chill – From -110° to +135°F, ±2°F. Updates every 10 to 12 seconds.
  14. Heat Index – Calculated using temperature and Relative Humidity
  15. Rain – With a resolution of 0.01 inches and updates every 20 to 24 seconds.
  16. Rate of Rainfall – Has a range of .04″/hr to 96″/hr and updates every 20-24 seconds.
  17. Dew Point – From -105° to +130°F, ±2°F in 1° increments. Updates every 10-12 seconds.
  18. …And Lots More!

An interesting feature of the Davis display consoles is they are compatible across models. Another useful feature is that consoles can resend the received signal from the ISS to another console within 1000″, a display in the shop for instance.

What you can do with the console

  • Set alarms – Up to 70 alarm parameters
  • See graphs – Choose hourly, daily, monthly, and for some data yearly or by the minute
  • Vary what data is displayed and the form of that data
  • Set to retransmit to other consoles
  • Analyze your data with the optional Data Logger
  • Upload your weather information with the optional WeatherlinkIP

What people are saying:

There are many comments about the impressive accuracy and durability of this Davis product.

Actually, 79% of buyers rate this station way above average!

“…it is a top-notch weather station…”

“…worth the money…”

“…an excellent piece of weather equipment…”

The downside for some people is that it doesn’t come ready to connect with the internet and added items are needed. My guess is that the people who do not want to be online are happy not to pay for something they don’t need.

Pop over to Amazon to see more or to buy yourself one.

Wrap up of this Davis Vantage Pro2 Review

Davis sets the standard by which other weather stations are judged. If superior accuracy and durability are high on your list, this is the weather station for you.

This is a very durable weather station, the Davis Vantage Pro 2 just set a record for wind measurements using a personal weather station! See the write up here.

Now get outside and play in the rain!

Davis Vantage Pro2 Review - Still #1 Home Weather Station

Davis Instruments 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 The Vantage Pro2 is the first weather station in Davis' advanced line of weather measuring instruments. This i

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