About Me

Weather Nut? Who Me?

Hi, I’m Paul and I have a weather addiction. There, that’s off my chest! Started off by building thermometers, barometers, and radios for elementary school science fairs. Pretty hard to compete with a homemade operating volcano, so nobody else found my stuff
very interesting, but I did, and still do!

But that was decades ago…

…On to today, the selection of modern electronic weather stations in very broad; finding the one that is right for you is a daunting task.

Having operated various internet enabled wireless home weather stations since 2005 I’ve seen what works, and what does not work.

One of these days my old weather station is going to quit on me, so in my hunt for a replacement I
ran across  products that not only monitors the weather but also lets you keep an eye on the environment in, under, and around your home.


–A Weather Environment System

Thanks for looking!